How to Become a Marketing Futurist

Marketing Futurist

Master accountability, alignment and agility to be ready for the future.

Marketing Futurists earn privileged opportunities in the Forum.

1. Gain the skill set needed for effectiveness demands of the future:

  • Drive strategic follow-through
  • Demonstrate stewardship
  • Align to customers
  • Align to stakeholders
  • Center all you do on customers
  • Adapt to emerging needs


2. Earn your Futurist badge:

  • Participate on the Futurists Panel answering 3 A's questions
  • Co-chair planning committees and awards judging
  • Take a leading role in the Virtual Conference or Member Exchange
  • etc.


Whatever your role is, standing out from the crowd is essential.

  • Mastering these techniques is easier said than done!
  • Figuring it out is a never-ending battle.
  • Spurring your whole department's nimbleness is even harder.

That's life as we've known it to-date.


Now, with the Marketing Future Forum:

  • Master these techniques in small bites of time, while waiting for everyday things.
  • Make mini plans for same-day application and experimentation.
  • Peers quickly see the value by seeing how the idea fits their situation.

Now you can rapidly build collective capability for organizational agility.




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