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Marketing Future ForumWhat is the Marketing Future Forum?

For marketing teams, the Marketing Future Forum is a collaborative platform with a suite of tools and services that help drive marketing velocity and value.

  • Instills customer-centered marketing behaviors that help accelerate company growth
  • Speeds decision making and time to revenue
  • Maximizes marketing productivity and effectiveness
  • Improves marketing planning and execution


What’s mission-critical to Marketing’s future?

These rising pressures can cripple the best in Marketing:

  • Pace of change
  • Transparency to customers
  • Global markets
  • Microsegments
  • Nurturing the full customer life cycle
  • Demonstrating and creating value


What’s the key to mastering these challenges?

  • Bridging silos – organizational, data, channels, vision, handoffs, etc.
  • Marketing organizational agility – nimbleness for rapid market changes


What are the building-blocks?

Marketing job satisfaction and organizational effectiveness challenges boil down to 3 A’s:

  1. Accountability – maximizing resources
  2. Alignment – synching with stakeholders
  3. Agility – mobilizing the enterprise


Who needs to master the 3 A’s?

  • Every marketing professional!  You’re only as strong as your weakest link in the 3 A’s
  • This is why the primary value of this Forum is interaction among your co-workers


How can the Marketing Future Forum make a difference?

Take a baseline measurement now, and track progress quarterly.


  • Follow-through
  • Ability to prioritize
  • Productivity of resources
  • Employee engagement
  • Job satisfaction
  • Strategic vs. tactical work
  • Right the first time



  • Stakeholder satisfaction
  • Stakeholder cooperation
  • Collaboration
  • Resource acquisition
  • Customer acquisition
  • Customer retention
  • Customer wallet share



  • Dropped balls
  • Project stalls
  • Duplicated resources
  • Redundant efforts
  • Rework
  • Employee turnover
  • Alliance workload
  • Customer churn


Who shaped the Marketing Future Forum’s development?

We interviewed Marketing VPs and Directors from American Express, Aon, Apple, Ariba, Clorox, Covidien, Eli Lilly, Global Foundries, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, NVIDIA, and SAP.


What did they say?

Weaknesses in the 3 A’s are chronic, with no end in sight because of universal roadblocks:

Roadblocks To-Date
Forum Solutions
20-40 minute sessions, make use of downtime
Need obvious WIIFM
Rapid personalization, marketers’ context
Old habits die hard
Mini plans for on-the-job practice/experimenting
Need obvious WIIFM
Rapid personalization, marketers’ context
Peer adoption is hard
Easy sharing, quick personal conviction
Need cross-pollination
Open, collaborative community


Ways to make the most of your membership:

Access it anytime you’re waiting: appointments, flights, maPss transit commute, kids’ activities, breakfast, lunch, etc.


The Forum makes it easy to apply new skills real-time and accelerate buy-in to new techniques:

  • Pick a “Solve-Space of the Week” to collectively explore and discuss your mini plans
  • Share a Solve-Space, discussion thread or file you like with peers vertically, horizontally
  • Participate in the Community Calls and Webcast Conversations
  • Comment on the Question of the Week and other posts throughout the Forum
  • Voice your wish list on any page’s feedback link
  • Talk about the Forum in your staff meetings
  • Check out weekly updates in “What’s New” section
  • Post questions you’re curious about as polls or discussions
  • Ask for others’ comments on quotes and files that intrigue you
  • Request a taskforce collaboration space and membership parameters
  • Request a Roundtable quarterly meeting topic for your metropolitan area
  • Join the planning committee for the Virtual Conference or Member Summit Event
  • Request a topic for a Solve-Space, Community Call, or Webcast Conversation
  • Earn a Marketing Accountability, Alignment, or Agility badge or certificate


What you will find in the Marketing Future Forum

Templates for a new view, create a plan to solve challenges
Open Forum
Post questions, files, polls and comments to all members
Collaboration Spaces
Company-private group discussions, file-sharing, etc.
SIG Spaces
Special interest group discussions, file-sharing, etc.
Explore a topic among a group with parameters of your choice
Community Calls
Free-form facilitated conversations on a monthly topic
Webcast Conversations
5-minute slide presentation + 5-minute conversation x 4 slides
Quarterly in-person mini-conference in your metropolitan area
Virtual Conferences
Online series of panels, twitter chats, community calls, etc.
Member Exchange Summit
Annual in-person member-to-member sharing sessions
Ask Joe Value
Suggest topics, features, etc. to evolve the ClearAction Value Exchange
Find and connect with members
Certificates for topic mastery, special privilege opportunities
Acknowledgement of participation and achievements
Planning Committees
Ensure your preferences are accommodated in the Exchange
Leadership Board
12 VPs who guide the future of the Exchange
Open source creators of Solve-Spaces
Creators of 3 A’s content in What’s New
Complementing services and premium offerings
Incentives for referring new members



What separates the Marketing Future Forum from other marketing subscription sites?

  • It’s not SaaS, nor a library, nor a research-driven or consulting-driven community
  • It’s a hands-on community, member-led, member-driven, and open-source
  • It’s boundary-free in its membership make-up
  • It’s focused on marketers’ agility, alignment, and accountability as readiness factors for future success in careers and organizationally


Are there ways to earn different levels or get certified in the Marketing Future Forum?

  • Earn badges for completing Solve-Spaces and other content
  • Earn certificates for demonstrating topic mastery


Does the Marketing Future Forum contain promotional content?

  • Promotion of any brand is not allowed within the password-protected content except copyright notation for Solve-Space contributors, and participants’ signature lines
  • Sponsors’ and Leadership Board members’ logos are shown on the home page and they are sometimes featured in newsletters and press releases
  • All content must be educational and attributed to its originator without overt fanfare


How do members learn in the Marketing Future Forum?

  • It’s designed to be accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Hands-on exercises, application stories/examples, podcasts, downloadable templates
  • Many Solve-Spaces are presented as a series for knowledge building-blocks
  • Everything is presented in small segments, designed to be applied the same day
  • Share a link with peers: they tailor it to their job for personal conviction within minutes


Can Marketing Future Forum content be used outside the Forum?

  • It may only be used at the subscriber’s company, not to be shared externally
  • No Forum content may be commercialized except by its originator


Is there a trial period for membership?

No, Forum members requested respect for their interactions by disallowing visitors.


What is the benefit of mixing managerial levels, agencies, and practitioners?

  • Exposure to senior marketers’ thinking can help groom managers for career succession
  • Expand overall effectiveness across your extended team by sharing the same capability-building content and experiences with those you depend upon
  • Set up virtual taskforces and discussion groups specific to parameters you choose


Today is Time to Prepare for Your Future!

Maximize Resources

Sync with Stakeholders

Mobilize Your Company

Minimize Chaos

Standout from the Crowd


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