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1. How the Forum helps you:

  • Build new revenue streams
    • Bundle Forum corporate subscriptions with your product or service
    • Earn commissions or subsidize your customers' membership


  • Demonstrate thought leadership
    • Increase your value as a trusted advisor
    • Leverage the Forum to demonstrate alignment with the most innovative thinking in Marketing effectiveness, efficiency, and best practice adoption


  • Make a bigger impact, earn greater profits
    • Enhance adoption and repeat business for your solutions
    • Leverage the Forum's mission-critical change management guidance and hands-on tools


2. How the Forum helps your clients:

  • Learn from best practice frameworks to connect the dots more effectively
    • Bridge costly silos
    • Reduce chaos
    • Maximize resources
    • Free-up budget for investment in new opportunities


  • Discover dynamic due diligence templates to make greater use of your offerings
    • Empower your clients to better articulate their challenges
    • Enable them to envision what's possible to transform Marketing efficiency and effectiveness


  • Access innovative techniques to prioritize improvements and win buy-in
    • Equip your clients to identify and resolve comprehension gaps that block buy-in
    • Empower them to become champions for Marketing-led improvement and transformation
    • Arm them with new tools to socialize change


    Sign up now! See Referral Agent Terms to sign up
    (see link labeled "Click here to sign this agreement")
    or email us at to learn more

    All marketers need to be prepared for the future.

    • Accountability, alignment and agility skills are tough to master.
    • Marketers' resources on these topics are few and far between.
    • Building the whole department's capability is even harder.

    That's life as we've known it to-date.


    Now, with the Marketing Future Forum:

    • Master new techniques in small bites of time, while waiting for everyday things.
    • Make mini plans for same-day application and experimentation.
    • Peers quickly see the value by seeing how the idea fits their situation.

    Marketers can build collective capability in accountability, alignment, and agility.




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