Who Sees What in the Forum

1. All of your content in Solve-Spaces™ is confidential to you, exclusively.

2. All of your content, and related listings in "Collaborate" groups is confidential to members of that space, exclusively.

  • For example, content in a "Metrics" Collaboration group is not seen by anyone who is not in the "Metrics" group.
  • A member's visibility of your Contributions in your profile is limited to content for which that member also has permissions.
  • You may establish another Collab-Space™ with any parameters or invitations that you wish.

3. All of your other content is seen by other members of the Marketing Future Forum.

  • For example, your comments on pages for Community Calls, Webcasts, Taskforces, Virtual Conferences, and Member Exchanges will not be seen by non-members of the Forum.

4. Your comments on external pages of the Forum are visible to the public.


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