What Executives Say About the Forum

Why I Love the Marketing Future Forum

The Marketing Future Forum is a unique resource.

It syncs with your realities. It builds collective capability.


1. We need this:


"This is a breakthrough to be able to do things in small bites, 20 minutes."
  —  Mayer Becker, VP at HH Global

  • "I think you guys are definitely on to something here. This Forum has definite opportunities for our company."
  • "We could use this within a big initiative, and create a private collaboration space for it."
  • "This fills a gap between freemium & high-end."
  • "It's rare to see a tool for Marketing training."
  • "Knowing this is a fast way to learn, and that we have some say over the topics that are presented for learning, that are relevant to us, with access to companies that are ready and willing to help solve, is a huge win for us."


2. What I really like:


"It's promising to finally have an online marketing operations community to share best practices across industries."
  —  James Dunn, VP at SiriusXM

  • "I like the idea of addressing soft challenges in an environment like this."
  • "It's neat to be able to see just what’s tailored to me."
  • "The Marketing Future Forum lets you learn how you learn best."
  • "It's great to be able to contact Solve-Space authors."
  • "This is really handy to tag information I want to revisit, and to save or print my mini plans in the Solve-Spaces."
  • "I love the ideas of the Roundtables and Member Exchange."
  • "How do we enable our teams to do things faster, and build proficiency levels rapidly in agility — this is a way that companies can do this without having to go at it individually, taking all the stakeholders through the process, it’s a lot of work, something we’d be doing as a one-off."


3. I want to get involved:


"One of the most interesting facets of the Forum is the opportunity to bring together thoughtful professionals and readily have small discussion groups."  —  Liz Allen, CMO at Blurb

  • "I think I’d be in here all the time, probably daily."
  • "I love being empowered to form private discussion groups."
  • "If you want to continue to involve me in this, I’d be more than happy to support it."
  • "I believe in the idea, so if you want to use me again in calls like this, or to talk to me again, I’ll be glad to participate."
  • "I would be happy to sponsor this throughout my company, and broaden the use of it across our Marketing organization."



Whatever your role is, you need to be prepared for the future.

  • Accountability, alignment and agility skills are tough to master.
  • Marketers' resources on these topics are few and far between.
  • Building your whole department's capability is even harder.

That's life as we've known it to-date.


Now, with the Marketing Future Forum:

  • Master new techniques in small bites of time, while waiting for everyday things.
  • Make mini plans for same-day application and experimentation.
  • Peers quickly see the value by seeing how the idea fits their situation.

Now you can build collective capability in accountability, alignment, and agility.




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