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  • Follow-through
  • Ability to prioritize
  • Productivity of resources
  • Employee engagement
  • Job satisfaction
  • Strategic vs. tactical work
  • Right the first time



  • Stakeholder satisfaction
  • Stakeholder cooperation
  • Collaboration
  • Resource acquisition
  • Customer acquisition
  • Customer retention
  • Customer wallet share



  • Dropped balls
  • Project stalls
  • Duplicated resources
  • Redundant efforts
  • Rework
  • Employee turnover
  • Alliance workload
  • Customer churn



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Templates for a new view, create a plan to solve challenges
Open Forum
Post questions, files, polls and comments to all members
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Special interest group discussions, file-sharing, etc.
Community Calls
Free-form facilitated conversations on a monthly topic
Webcast Conversations
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Explore a topic among a group with parameters of your choice
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Virtual Conferences
Online series of panels, twitter chats, community calls, etc.
Member Exchange Events
Annual in-person member-to-member sharing sessions
Badges & Certificates
Badges for 3 A’s achievements, certificates for topic mastery
Planning Committees
Ensure your preferences are accommodated in the Forum
Marketing Futurists
3 A’s subject matter experts in accountability, alignment
Leadership Board
12 CMOs/VPs who guide the future of the Forum
Open source creators of Solve-Spaces
Creators of 3 A’s content in What’s New